7-27-18: How a Women’s PPV can succeed, Randy Orton only good as a heel, Why being the “Main Event” really sucks


  • We talk about the All Women’s PPV announcement and discuss how to make it a success.
  • Seth Rollins commented this week about how he wasn’t phased by the chanting during his 30 minute iron match but that it did affect Dolph Ziggler so we discuss why being the “Main Event” of these long as hell PPV’s might actually be detriment.
  • Can Randy Orton ever be good as a babyface? We talk about all the wrestlers who for some reason are terrible as a face yet amazing as heels.
  • A quick recap of the Miz and Mrs. premiere.
  • A rundown of the best things coming out of Comic Con in our entrainment segment and why Jeremy hates the Luke Cage Netflix show so much


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