Was Macho a terrible person? Seth-Roman bury Tyler Breeze, Cam’s Impact Corner


  • This week, we talk about an interview with Macho Man‘s former girlfriend where she says some surprising things about the WWE legend. We also bring up some old stories about Stone Cold that don’t put him in the greatest light either prompting us to play a quick game of “Superstar or Psychopath”.
  • Our RAW recap gets heated as we talk about the misuse of Tyler Breeze.
  • On our Smackdown recap, we find out that Randy very much dislikes Randy Orton.
  • We play our patented ‘Drink it in Man’ game… which is a $10,000 pyramid ripoff but with wrestling!
  • Lastly, Cam brings us to his Impact corner to talk about the recent Impact show, a first for us.



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