WWR Interview: Flip Gordon from Ring of Honor


Ring of Honor’s biggest rising star, Flip Gordon, joined us last February to talk about possibly joining the Bullet Club, if he has any WWE / NJPW aspirations, who he was picking in the Superbowl, why he’s a huge John Cena fan and most importantly, he teaches us how to properly eat cereal.

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Is Brock as champ best for business, Wrestling Price is Right, WWE too big to fail?




  • On the first ever episode of Wrestling Without Reason, we discuss Brock Lesnar’s absence. Is it best for business to have a champion who is never around? Who should take the title off him?
  • Also we play our patented game, Wrestling Price is Right!! Make sure to listen to find out what your showcase is.
  • Lastly, we discuss a comment made by Meltzer in a recent interview about whether or not WWE is now too big to fail and if it truly will not be affected when Vince steps down.
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Our Time is Now

Today, the World Wrasslin Podcast dies and Wrestling without Reason podcast lives. Why the change you ask, well we felt like it. But really, the whole show format has changed so much since we started so we thought it makes sense to change the name along with it.

Instead of doing a repetitive recap of the week of WWE, we decided instead to discuss the most important happenings in the whole wrestling industry including NJPW, Ring of Honor, Impact … basically everything wrestling. We will still be interviewing the hottest Indy stars and playing our original wrestling themed games. Stay tuned for our first podcast episode coming next week!